Your gifts enrich the library, strengthen the community, and transform lives.


MISSION:  To engage the community and its resources to expand the reach and the impact of the Stillwater Public Library.

The mission of the Stillwater Public Library Foundation is to raise funds to enhance the library’s materials, programs, and services beyond what the city is able to provide in tax monies.

Your investment in the Foundation funded:


  • new copies of beloved, worn-out books
  • up-to-date editions of favorite nonfiction materials
  • props and décor for the children’s Imagination Station
  • multiple copies of popular, new books to shorten waiting lists
  • support for newspaper subscriptions, which are ballooning in cost and becoming ever-more valuable to patrons


  • opportunities to learn, to connect, and to grow
  • an awesome summer of enrichment, engagement, and fun for kids
  • special programs and classes throughout the year for children, teens, and adults



  • Sunday hours
  • Hearing Loops in the Margaret Rivers Room and Stillwater Storytime Room 
  • a Volunteer Coordinator to arrange valuable support for the library staff


 In 2018, your gifts made possible 388 library programs for children, teens and adults attended by more than 11,960!

Photo courtesy of: Verna Pitts

Direct Library Support

The SPLF contracts with a Venue Coordinator to promote, schedule, organize, and oversee all events that take place at the library. All of the income from weddings and events goes directly to the library to be allocated by the library trustees.

The SPLF contracts with to a Volunteer Coordinator to recruit, train, schedule, support, and thank volunteers who provide 2,500+ volunteer hours of work each year. This gives tremendous support for the staff, freeing them to provide services they would not otherwise be able to do or to do well.


The library is open Sundays from 1:00-5:00 OM throughout the school year thanks to generous donations and tributes.

Photo courtesy of: Nick Gorski