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Stillwater Library Open Sundays Again

The library will be open Sundays from 1:00-5:00 p.m. September 13, 2015 - May 22, 2016. A matching gift inspired generous donations and tributes so that the necessary funds were raised in six months. Read More from the St. Paul Pioneer Press.  

My mother was a lifelong reader, and she shared her love of books with her children and grandchildren. In her memory, I am making a gift to the SPLF.


Foundation Donor

My mother worked in libraries, and her mother was also a librarian.  They taught me the love of books, and I do adore the Stillwater Library.  Thanks to everyone who makes it magical.


Foundation Donor

Rich Sommer, actor and celebrity guest of the SPLF Mad Men fundraising events, tweeted: “Made a visit to the Stillwater Library. Explored old John Runk photos and the new kids area. My goodness. I love that place.”

Rich Sommer

Actor, Donor, Library Patron

I loved the music this summer.
[The library’s summer concert series was made possible by a grant from the Foundation].


Foundation Donor

I love libraries!! The SPL is one of the most beautiful and efficient I have used.

Foundation Donor

I now work with a large bookseller and realize anew how expensive books are for us all. Libraries are America’s best cost-saving invention! Thanks for making the Stillwater Library a fun place and a community treasure.


Foundation Donor

Being elderly people, the library and adjoining parking garage has greatly facilitated our use of your services. Thank You!


Foundation Donor

We love our library! We use it all the time. Our 3 young boys love books. They love to read on their own, and they love when we read aloud at bedtime. Now Grandma & Grandpa have moved to Stillwater and they love our library too. 3 generations of library-users! Thank you!!


Foundation Donor

I come to the library every day to read the Wall Street Journal, Star Tribune, Pioneer Press, Stillwater Gazette, Christian Science Monitor, and New York Times. I figure that I save $1,875 a year by using the library. Now multiply that by the 70 years I’ve visited the library daily!

Jean DeCurtins

Library Patron