Your dollars at work!

Shade for the terrace, Sunday hours, and a wealth of information and entertainment that would not otherwise be possible.

Materials & Programs

Bestsellers – Additional copies of bestsellers shorten the time on waiting lists.

Non-fiction – Updated books keep readers informed in popular subjects as travel, test preparation, college guides, and price guides

Classics – Replacement copies of the most requested classic titles are of particular importance for students

Library Programming is completely dependent on private funding.

Adult writing classes are among the most popular for adults.

The summer reading program for kids and adults is exceptional.

Summer programming for kids of all ages, interests, and abilities has abundant choices of classes, programs, and workshops

Photo courtesy of: Verna Pitts

Direct Library Support

The SPLF contracts with an Event Space Coordinator to promote, schedule, organize, and oversee all events that take place at the library. All of the income from weddings and events goes directly to the library to be allocated by the library trustees.

The SPLF contracts with to a Volunteer Coordinator to recruit, train, schedule, support, and thank volunteers who provide 2,500+ volunteer hours of work each year. This gives tremendous support for the staff, freeing them to provide services they would not otherwise be able to do or to do well.

Special Gifts

The new shade structure on the Johnson Terrace offers beautifully filtered light and cool shade for the terrace.

The library is open Sundays from 1:00-5:00 p.m. September 13, 2015 – May 22, 2016 thanks to a matching grant that inspired generous donations and tributes to provide this gift to the community.

Photo courtesy of: Nick Gorski