We are your friends and neighbors who share your love and appreciation for the library and want our community to enjoy the benefits of an outstanding library today and for years to come. It is an honor and a privilege to receive your gifts. We are inspired by your generosity and grateful for the opportunity to steward your gifts to provide a library that gives unparalleled strength and value to the community.

Fred Rengel


Retired Lumber Executive

Doug Blanke

Vice President

Director, Nonprofit Legal Center

Dustin Moeller


CPA, Foley, Kalseim & Company, LTD.

Jean Morse


Retired Media Specialist

Ann Wolff

Past President

Retired Educator

Nick Gorski

Nick Gorski Photography

Lisa Howe

Physician Assistant, Stillwater Medical Group

Andy Kass

Retired Retailer

Sandy Nicholson

Retired School Principal

Sarah Quickel

Owner, Enchanté

Merilee Read

Retired Educator

Mary Richie

Past Non-profit Executive Director, Library Board of Trustees

Carol Stabenow

Owner, Sash Clothing

Kathy Thueson

Retired Educator

Eric White

Hardware Verification Engineer

Become Involved

We need you! There are many opportunities to share your expertise and become involved in the fund-raising events or initiatives of the SPLF. For more information, call 651.275.4338 ext 130, email or contact one of us.